A likely calendar

di Mario Casella
Edito da Capelli


Foreign Rights:

Drawing inspiration from his bustling life experience as a mountain guide, journalist and documentarist Mario Casella has come up with the idea of a “likely calendar”, whose events take place from Siberia to the Himalayas, in America and in Europe.
“No way! Are you kidding me?” is what most of us can’t help thinking when people brag about the most unlikely stories.
Every story in this book might or might not be true; some of them are more likely, some are rather implausible. There are anecdotes which are basically true, even if their protagonists and details might not be 100% accurate. But even the most fictional pages of this book refer to something that happened in real life.
The stories of A likely calendar take place within the space of twelve months. At the end of each story the reader will find the reference to the actual facts which inspired the stories, and will be free to deem them true or not.
As Ryszard Kapuściński said: “Three bullets, five bullets – who cares? Someone shot to kill, that’s the point”.